Monday, November 26, 2007


There's something about this picture that I love -- I think it's the movement of the taxis. I haven't printed a large copy yet, because I can't decide if I like it in color or black and white better -- the color is nice, because the taxis really stand out. But I am always partial to black and white. Help me decide:


Mom said...

I vote for making everything black and white except for the yellow taxis -- very cool!

Holly said...

I totally agree with your mom... black and white with yellow taxis!

Jazen said...

I agree. It will look my Clayton and school bus pic on my bar.

hope said...

Hey Cara-
We agree with your mom, holly and jazen. yellow taxis against the black and white background..Oy!(hi jay:)!
We have enjoyed the pictures you have posted so far.We could almost "feel" your excitement of the process..the subject catches your eye..the all-important shoot..the have a gift for this! great job! we look forward for more!:)

Dad and Mom C.