Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree

There it is...our Christmas tree. Ha! That's actually a picture I took of the Christmas tree in the Galleria in Dallas a few years ago:)

Our tree is much smaller...

I wrap silver ribbon around it, put little blue bows (since I decorate in blue and silver for Christmas/Hanukkah) and then put all the ornaments on. My mom always bought me and my brother an ornament every year, as well as buying a family ornament each year. When I got married, I got all of my ornaments:) I love putting them on the tree each year.
This year, we'll only have a very small tree, since our old one was getting a bit worn out. We got a little tree to put on a table this year instead, and it's not up yet:)

But here are some close-ups of the tree from previous years...

And here's a little tree I put out every year in addition to the big tree:)

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